Ayuverdic Massage (Chakra Cleansing)

Welcome to my spiritual world!


My name is Zak. I have been doing massage and energy healing for about 7 years. I grew up in a spiritual family where love, support, respect and happiness were taught by my parents.

I draw upon ancient wisdom to activate your own healing to bring the changes you wish for in your life by restoring balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 

This healing is a holistic tune-up. I share my knowledge, experience and spirituality through bodywork which is highly respected, valued and non-judgmental. Through spirituality,

I offer you time away from life for 90 minutes, so that you can devote undivided attention to your own needs and healing. Your state of mind is very important to body health, to achieve a balance of mind, body, and spirit. My goal is to help you release body tension to alleviate stress and leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and re-energised

90min Treatment $139

The Treatment includes:

Relaxation massage 

Swedish massage 

Chakra clearing 

Reiki & so much more

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What is an ayurvedic massage?

Ayurvedic massages borrow from the principles of Ayurveda to create a unique experience that focuses on relaxation, stress relief and releasing emotional blockages. Ayurvedic massage focused on chakra), as well as my "marma" points—energy points in the body used for healing in Ayurvedic medicine. The goal is to "manipulate these points to manually adjust the energy in your body so that you feel maximally relaxed.


Does it actually relieve more stress than a regular massage?

That depends what kind of stress we're talking about. A traditional massage relieves physical stress caused by tension buildup in the muscles; ayurvedic massage takes a more holistic approach, focusing as much more on emotional stress as it does physical. You will find yourself so relaxed during your ayurvedic massage. 

5 Surprising Benefits of the Ayurveda Oil Massage

  • Eliminates body impurities and helps in reducing weight:

  • Calms nerves and promotes deeper and better sleep:

  • Softens and smoothness skin, reduces effects of ageing:

  • Improves blood circulation and stimulates internal organs: